The groundbreaking ceremony Smart Home Industry Park was grandly held" />


The groundbreaking ceremony Smart Home Industry Park was grandly held
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On the morning of November 5, Guandaxing Smart Home Industry Park held a grand commencement ceremony. The ceremony was a scene of flags flying, flowers blooming, and drums and music playing. Leaders from Jinjiang Municipal Government, Jinjiang Economic Development Zone Administration, financial institutions and other relevant departments, representatives of enterprises in the park, and media representatives attended the ceremony, witnessed this historic moment.


Mr. Yang Jianming, Chairman of Guandaxing Group, expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the leaders, guests and friends attending this event, and briefly introduced the project of smart home industry park.

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The Guandaxing Smart Home Industry Park is invested and constructed by Guandaxing Incorporated Company, with a planned total area of 136 acres and a total construction area of 295500 square meters. It includes standard industrial factories, shared office buildings, operation and exhibition centers, high-end apartments, employee dormitories, environmentally friendly energy, fashionable commercial streets, party and community centers, smart operation platforms, property service centers, enterprise service centers, and other production and living service facilities. The main focus is on introducing smart homes, new energy, and related supporting industrial projects.

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Rendering of Guandaxing Smart Home Industry Park


The host of the ceremony announced the start of the project, and Yang Jianming, Chairman of Guandaxing, and attending leaders jointly took the stage to launch the ceremony. The on-site salute was thunderous, and applause thundered. The groundbreaking ceremony of Guandaxing Smart Home Industry Park was successfully completed, and the highly anticipated benchmark industrial park is about to set sail with glory!

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We believe that under the correct leadership of the Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee and Government, the future of Guandaxing will definitely be better! The Guandaxing Smart Home High Standard Industrial Park will lead the development of all enterprises entering the park to enhance their core advantages and stand invincible in the new round of competition.


Multiple media outlets including Jinjiang News Network conducted real-time on-site interviews and reports


We sincerely welcome home furnishing industry professionals to join us, and we will work hand in hand to achieve win-win cooperation!

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